I support for personal reasons, I know someone who has been effected by MS. is  is a social network run by its users where young MSers meet share experiences and support each other.

It is primarily run by volunteers and kept going by your donations. To support us please follow this link JustGiving.


KuzeyDoga logoKuzeyDoga Society was established in 2008 as a result of the studies that the president of the NGO, Dr. Cagan Sekercioglu had started within the Kars-Igdir Biodiversity Project since 2003. The name “KuzeyDoga” is a modified version of the Turkish word “kuzeydoğu” which means “northeast” that refers “northeast part of Turkey” where we work and the nature (doga) which we work with.

The vision of KuzeyDoga Society is to prevent extinctions and consequent collapses of critical ecosystem processes while making sure that human communities benefit from conservation as much as the wildlife they help conserve.


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